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We're thought leaders. We’re leading conversations about the future of HR, through our regular blogs and our popular roundtable discussions on everything from menopause and racism in the workplace to managing employee behaviour on social media. We understand the challenges HR professionals are facing and we’re committed to fostering innovation in our industry.

We're experienced. Experience matters, and we’ve got it. With a combined four decades of HR experience and the networks to go with it, we want to share our extensive knowledge to support businesses in their growth journeys.

We're creative. We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo, and as a small, independent business we have the freedom to think creatively and provide optimum solutions for clients.

We're empathetic. We are true partners. It’s our job to get to the bottom of your challenges and help you find the right path forward for your business, showing humanity to both clients and candidates. 95 per cent of our work comes through word-of-mouth, because our clients know that we truly care about their success.

We're ethical We’re invested in ethical, equitable recruitment – and we know from experience that diverse teams are successful teams. Our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion runs through everything we do, and we’re dedicated to representing a diverse talent pool, including those who seek a more flexible working pattern.

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Making Reward sustainable and relevant to the here and now.

‘We’re in a perfect storm’ is how Mary Robertson opened our most recent webinar on ‘How to make Reward sustainable and relevant to the here and now’. She used this phrase to describe how all organisations, employees and their families ...
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6 Tips for Setting up a Women in Leadership Initiative

So, you’ve decided you want to increase the proportion of women in your leadership team - now what? How do you go from an ambition to implementing a plan that makes a material difference? This is moving steadily up the ...
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Is your organisation ‘sick’?

When I start working with a new client I ask them to tell me how they feel the two sides of their business are functioning. Often this is met with a blank stare; I can see that they are thinking ...
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My life with OCD and its impact on my career

Some might think that spending hours, days, weeks and months on end panicking and ruminating about whether I am potentially capable of harming, abusing or killing people, dying from every form of cancer, AIDS and critical illness, and the cause ...
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Coaching & Mentoring Survey – May 2022

I am passionate about the benefits of coaching and mentoring and, in these post-pandemic yet still turbulent times, believe it can be even more impactful by empowering and enabling individuals and teams to overcome challenges and become the best they ...
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The Liminal Period – existing betwixt and between.

Career Development Does Not Always Mean Resigning  As counterintuitive as this may sound coming from a recruiter, whose very currency is in people moving between employers! Strategic career development could see you staying where you are for longer than you ...
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